An artist is typically a being that is filled with so much passion, love, or pain for certain lands, people, ideas, or images that all they can do with that overflow is bleed it out by creating. And with this type of art, the energy will be shifted from the depths of them and into the depths of the audience to be felt. It is a dance. A transference. An intimacy. It is to awaken another human in a place they hadn't known was aching, or sleeping. Both are opened. Both are nourished. Both are transformed."

                                   -  Victoria Erickson

The Vision

As an emerging Contemporary Mixed Media Artist, I am infinitely inspired by Gaia, spirituality, love, and the soulful light within. Loving nothing more than creating, my aim is to give life to artwork that jolts the soul wide awake.

It is through the eyes and the heart that leads us to the gateway of the soul. And it is there that I wish to meet with people through my art.