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Arimathea Pappas is a self taught mixed media artist who resides in Clinton, BC, Canada. For as long as she can remember, Arimathea has had an unwavering dedication to the vibrant realm of art. From Sculpting, drawing, photography and everything in between, authentic creative expression is what fuels her very existence. Inspired and influenced by the spiritual traditions of the First Nations People and their loving connection to the land, Arimathea has found her calling as an artist by unifying clay, nature and spiritual teachings to bring these elements together to create sculptural and functional works of art. Presenting her work in various Gallery shows across British Columbia and soon to be participating in Art Vancouver, Arimathea is set out to inspire the world with her art. This newly emerging artist has already received awards and recognition for her talents and has been published in the Art &Beyond Magazine and chosen as an award winner for 'Artist of the Future' by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.

As an emerging Contemporary Mixed Media Artist, my love for clay, nature and spiritual teachings inspires me to unify these elements to create sculptural and functional works of art. I strive to portray stories of transformation and enlightenment, revealing my path of self-expression and artistic growth to share with others as an artist. Capturing awareness within ourselves and our world; uniting both through the divine spirit is embodied within each composition. The driving force behind my art usually begins with a vision or dream. Once the image has presented itself, my excitement takes over and I challenge myself until the vision has been fulfilled and brought to life. Using natural materials is the only way I can interpret my visions for they come from a higher place of consciousness driven by the spirit of the earth and all that encompasses her. I feel that I have been blessed with a gift and its purpose is to touch the souls of people and awaken them to a higher level of awareness. My journey as an artist has taught me that we possess the power of creation to manifest our visions and dreams into reality. We must be fearless in the pursuit of what sets our soul on fire. All our dreams can come true if we believe and have the courage to pursue them.

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